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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fuel - The Energy you need to Succeed by wes Beavis

This book will empower you, whatever the shape of your current conditions.

Success is the result of what is inside a person rather than what is happening in the world at the time. Successful people figure that out. Best of times, worst of times, and all other times in between it's not the conditions outside of you but the conditions inside of you that will lead you to succeed.

The key to staying energized and succeeding is in your fuel management-knowing where to get fuel and filling up with as much as you can at every opportunity. The following are the seven fuel stations that will keep you mentally topped up!

1. Recommitment to the Essentials(Attitude, Belief, Confidence, Drive, Enthusiasm, Focus)
2. Reading
3. Resources
4. Realizations
5. Relationships
6. Results
7. Rest