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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The wisdom of bees: what the hive can teach business about leadership, efficiency, and growth By Michael O’malley

Consultant--and beekeeper--O'Malley shows exactly how bees get things done and how leaders can learn from their highly effective organizations. He has defined 25 lessons on how to get the most out of teams, become more efficient, and prepare for the future.

Social psychologist (and avid beekeeper) O’Malley draws management guidance from the hive in this charming rundown of best business practices. It turns out bees work on the same kinds of problems we are trying to solve in our organizations, including the best strategies for managing short-term vs. long-term gains, stability vs. flexibility, individuality vs. community, and similarity vs. change. O’Malley applies lessons learned from those clever bees to strategies to help organizations survive and grow while wasting as little energy and resources as possible, to expand exploration during low-growth periods, to maintain durability over the long run, to keep energy levels up, to provide ongoing feedback, to avoid overengineering, to discover and use an individual’s specialized talents, and to be objective and data driven. The advice itself is your standard management-lesson fare, but presented in a concise, conversational format with great personality, practicality, and verve.

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mind Mapping: Kickstart Your Creativity And Transform Your Life By Tony Buzan

Unlock the secrets and the potential of Mind Mapping with this swift and bite-size introduction from the master himself. Tony Buzan will introduce you to his ground-breaking note-taking technique that has taken the business and educational worlds by storm. This unique mind enhancing tool can help to improve your memory, creativity, concentration, communication skills, thinking and learning.

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